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17 November 2016: EXCLUSIVE: Mary-Kate Olsen seen carrying a wool coat and an alligator leather-skinned backpack while arriving at her office in the West Village in New York City, NY.
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16 November 2016: Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen attend the Gomelsky Watch Launch in NYC
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“I love anything that is made in America and creating jobs in this country. I have worked with the brand for three years,” said Carolyn Murphy last night at Shinola’s launch of the Gomelsky watch collection at the Fifth Avenue home of Susan Gutfreund. “It’s a way to add femininity to the brand.” The event, hosted by Gomelsky creative director Cassie Coane and Claire Distenfeld of Fivestory, kicked off with cocktails and was attended by guests such as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Alison Chemla, Chloe Malle, and illustrator Joana Avillez, who had drawn a fictional Gomelsky character on napkins. Shortly after, attendees were seated for an intimate dinner.

The inspiration behind the watches was a combination of a fictional character, a bit of Grey Gardens, uptown cosmopolitan values, and the women in Coane’s social circle. “It was inspired by these women whom I have known. They have their own sense of style, and it is very unapologetic,” said Coane. “It came from thinking about women and how they were wearing hand-me-downs. Girls were wearing vintage watches. Watches are such an inherently emotional purchase, as they are so often given as gifts to commemorate a milestone in people’s lives, so we wanted them to feel special.” The pieces were prettily placed on top of antique tables throughout the home during the fete. “We named the watches out of the Gomelskys in our life. This one is called the Shirley Fromer, after my grandma,” said Coane. “I gave one to her for her 90th birthday.” Nearby, Avillez had chicly stacked two of the timepieces on her wrist.

The nostalgic feel of a watch mixed into the wardrobe of a modern woman was exhibited best by Murphy: The model was wearing her “nana’s jade earrings” with a Gomelsky watch. “It is everything we talk about,” said Murphy about her accessory combination. “I’m in full Gomelsky action!”

Source: Vogue