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22 May 2018: Mary-Kate & Ashley attend The Noguchi Museum Spring Benefit in New York.


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Congratulations to Mary-Kate & Ashley for winning Accessories Designer Of The Year for The Row at the 2018 CFDA awards! I’ve added a total of 225 HQ images from the events,  30 HQ from inside the event itself & 57 from them arriving to the event. Enjoy! – Helen x

04 June 2018: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen attend the 2018 CFDA awards in New York.
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04 June 2018: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen attend the 2018 CFDA awards in New York – Inside.
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04 June 2018: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen arrive to the 2018 CFDA awards in New York.
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04 June 2018: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen seen before the CFDA Awards in New York.
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Shop The Look – Mary-Kate & Ashley Black & White – August 2016

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06 September 2017: Ashley Olsen attends the Mama Mia presentation, Spring Summer 2018 during New York Fashion Week, New York, USA
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03 September 2017: EXCLUSIVE: Mary-Kate Olsen and husband Olivier Sarkozy attend the Grand Prix and final day of the Hampton Classic Horse Show in Bridgehampton. Bridgehampton, NY
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Thanks to Kikue for scanning & sending the Vogue Japan scans in!
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Congratulations to Mary-Kate & Ashley & The Row on their Fall 2017 collection showing yesterday in New York City!

13 February 2017: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were caught in a hair-raising gust of wind this morning as the twins stopped to have a cup of coffee outside ‘The Row’ Fall 2017 fashion show in New York.
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13 February 2017: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen attend ‘The Row’ Fall 2017 fashion show in New York City.
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2017: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen photographed by Annie Leibovitz in The Row’s New York store. All wearing The Row. For Vogue Magazine.
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One feels luxuriously dressed in a calm, pure, and minimal way,” says Cate Blanchett, serene and soigné in a cashmere blanket coat from the label she’s lauding: The Row. Like Blanchett herself, The Row is synonymous with quality and a kind of independent synergy. Of course, she’s hardly the only fan: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s customers are helping the eleven-year-old label claim the mantle of the wardrobe of our time in the same way that Donna Karan defined New York women’s essentials in the nineties.

Behind their international success, Mary-Kate and Ashley have always worked privately and mindfully, showing beautiful clothes their way, sans spectacle. In fact, they loathe fuss. But how did two former child stars—who just turned 30 this past June—become such connoisseurs of so many different women’s wardrobes? The twins are as succinct in their response as they are in their designs: “Continuity,” says Mary-Kate. “We are a trustworthy brand that really sells exactly what we say we’re selling.” Adds Ashley: “The only people we feel we need to answer to are our clients.”

They attribute their perfectionist resolve to having been given a voice at a very young age and having sat in many meetings with heads of the entertainment and finance industries, allowing both of them to hone their ability to decipher “the good influences versus the bad influences,” as Ashley puts it, while staying focused. “We own our brand. We don’t get pushed in any direction.”

With the exception of a few Italian knits, they manufacture all of their ready-to-wear in the United States. “That means a lot,” Mary-Kate says. “We’ve created at least 80 jobs.” Their elegant designs, by their very nature, challenge fast fashion.

As it turns out, the Olsens were ahead of their time in more than just style. In their April 2001 issue of Mary-Kate and Ashley magazine, they predicted Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign as part of a feature devoted to the question “When will we get our first female president, and who might it be?” Sixteen years later, their designs defy age and—even though they have just launched menswear—gender. “It’s more about respecting one another, whether you’re a female or a male or whatever,” says Mary-Kate. With the Women’s March on Washington then around the corner, she adds, “Women are not the only ones that feel this way—a lot of people feel it. The atmosphere around the entire globe is very interesting right now.”

“What’s going to happen tomorrow? Collectively, I feel everyone is asking that,” says Ashley, who’s made a positive attitude her goal of the year. “What we’ve built so far is pretty incredible. I would like to push that further—but also to be a little lighter on ourselves.”—Emma Elwick-Bates For Vogue


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Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen Introduce a Hand-Selected Curation of Vintage Jewelry for The Row

Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen’s fondness for jewelry is real and documented. And now, alongside their lustrous bags, brocades, and cashmeres, their accessories department for The Row has gotten a lot more personal. Luckily the Olsens’ appreciation for the jewelry market has transcended into something we can all now be a part of because they’ve introduced a hand-selected curation of vintage jewelry that is now for sale at both stores in New York and Los Angeles. As both of the designers say, buying jewelry is a personally rewarding experience for both men and women. Their offering includes a range of pieces similar to their own collections, from painted mosaic pendants, snake charms, amethyst crests, turquoise to Georgian and Victorian era pieces. Yet, the collection, which sells between $220 and $4,440 and is only available in-store, feels worn-in, so it has the effect of being approachable and every-day, wearable with jeans or to black-tie.

What is your history with jewelry?
Ashley Olsen: We knew we wanted to include jewelry in our stores as we curated the experience for our clients. We want the experience to be personal, and jewelry is one of the most personal items you can buy for yourself or for others.
What is the inspiration behind this collection?
Mary-Kate Olsen: We wanted to offer our customers something unique, so we selected vintage pieces that we thought may be more difficult to find outside of one store.

And what did you want to convey with the collection?
Mary-Kate: When we opened our first store in 2014, the idea was to create a personal experience for each visitor. We didn’t want the space to feel like a store, but a home that reflected its environment. Jewelry is very special, and can be sentimental. In our mind, it was always going to be part of the narrative.

Who is your ideal client? Is she alternative, classic, simple?
Mary-Kate: All of our clients are the ideal client, and they are all very different from one another, which is great. They pick the pieces that fit into their idea of the perfect wardrobe.

Would you consider this collection to fall under the ever expanding ‘self-purchase’ market for jewelry?
Ashley: Absolutely, but they can also be a personal gift.

Will you consider doing custom pieces within the collection?
Ashley: At this time, we are not creating jewelry in house.
Mary-Kate: But maybe one day!

How long will you offer this collection for?
Mary-Kate: Each piece is chosen individually, so the vintage offering is continuously re-curated, as pieces are sold.

Source: W Magazine

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