OlsensObsessive Frequently Asked Questions


Gallery & its functions – FAQ


How do I view the gallery?

We advise you to bookmark the gallery for ease & future use.

Go to OlsensObsessive.Com main site & click the ‘Gallery’ button in the header

Type ‘olsensobsessive.com/gallery’ into your browsers website bar

If you’ve already bookmarked the gallery you can simple type ‘olsensobsessive’ into your ‘website bar’ & scroll down until you find ‘olsensobsessive.com/gallery’

Or to your ‘bookmarks page’ & find olsensobsessive.com or olsensobsessive.com/gallery


How do I search for photos in the gallery?

There is a search function inside the gallery

Simply click on the search button, tick all the ‘Search files’ & ‘Search albums and categories’ buttons

 Type a keyword into the search bar. For example, if you wanted to search Ashley with a cup of coffee you’d type ‘Ashley Coffee’

Click on the image to see a tutorial of the search button & its function

OlsensObsessive Tutorials


What is the ‘Zip’ button next to an album title?

When you view an album (set of images) you will see a ‘zip’ button next to the title, this allows you to download the whole selected album in full qaulity as 1 file.

You will need a ‘zip file extractor’ to open all the images once downloaded. If you haven’t already got one try Winzip or WinRAR.

All you need to do is click to ‘Zip’ button & the download will start (depending on how many photos are in the album, it may time several minutes to start)

Once downloaded right click the file & click ‘extract here…’

Click on the image to see a tutorial of the Zip button & its function


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