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Images in the gallery – FAQ


What does HQ or MQ mean?

HQ is short for High Quality

MQ is short for Medium Qaulity

High Quality is an image as small as 1000 pixels length or width

Medium Qaulity is an image as large as 900 pixels length or width

Click on the image to see an example of a HQ image & an MQ image

exc2 14460_28729

What does exclusive mean?

Exclusive means that something is published or used by only one source

A image or set of images in the gallery is called exclusive when OlsensObsesive is the only source

to use, publish or post the image(s)

In the event that fansites re-use the image,

OlsensObsessive will be the original poster of the content & that image(s) is still considered exclusive

Why do you put a black ‘tag’ at the bottom of some images?

The black tag that says ‘OlsensObsessive.Com’ is on nearly all images.

The tag has 3 uses,

1) I pay for nearly all the images used in the gallery, it’s a easy way to show what image(s) I have bought myself

 2) It shows which images I have  obtained personally, (Not through any other source)

3) It is a way of  recognizing where the images is originally from if the image is re-posted

Why are some images not ‘tagged’?

If an images are not tagged it means I did not obtain the images personally

The image may have been obtained from another platform such as Instagram

The image may have been obtained from another fansite

The image may be free to use by anyone

If the image is not tagged, when posted you will usually see a ‘source: ….’ to highlight where the image has come from,

& to say a Thank You to the original source

Why do some images have a circle around an object or Mary-Kate or Ashley?

OlsensObsessive will never put any circle, text or anything else (other than a tag) onto an image)

Sometimes the image will just ‘come like that’

If there is no way I can obtain the image clear of the circle or text, I will upload the image anyway

I’m sure you will agree it is better to have the image in the gallery even with the circle, text, etc rather than not at all.




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